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25 Asthma Blogs That Are A Real Breath of Fresh Air

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1.Dr. Divyang Trivedi - Allergy Asthma Sinusitis Medical Clinic

Run by MD Allergist Dr Divyang Trivedi, this website and blog has his professional stamp of approval. Primarily offering details for his clinic, there's also plenty of guides and a news section. Of particular note are Dr Trivedi's collection of handy links, guiding you to plenty of high quality information about asthma and allergies.

2. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

The AAFA is a Texas-based foundation, supporting those with asthma and allergies. Its website has two particularly good article sections, one for asthma and another for allergies. With up-to-date news articles and detailed advice guides, postings are made in both English and Spanish. They also have a newsletters section, offering sufferers and parents more seasonal and current advice on their allergies/asthma.

3. Allergy & Asthma Network

Dedicated to mothers of asthmatics, the Allergy & Asthma Network is an organization started in 1985 by mother of asthmatic herself, Nancy Sander. The website offers a vast collection of information and articles on all things asthmatic; by a knowledgeable team consisting of parents, medical professionals and guest writers. Between them, they cover every area a parent could wish for; from dealing with asthma at school, to lifestyle and home changes to make life easier for an asthmatic child. Not only that, the website also offers blogs from different writers, all offering their unique perspectives on living with the condition. There's plenty of everything on this one. is primarily an online store selling a vast array of products to help transform your home into an allergen free sanctuary. Catering for people suffering from numerous allergies and respiratory conditions, they have it all; from allergy bedding, steam cleaners, dehumidifiers, to air purifiers. Their website also has its very own blog supplying the latest allergy-related news, articles, lifestyle guides and keeping customers up to date with the latest products launches on their online store.

5. Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associaltes

A clinic with offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale, their website offers all the details on their services, medical facilities and staff that you might expect, along with a very informative and accessible blog. Maintained by their professional team, their blog offers expert advice, thoughts and tips on all things asthma and allergy related.

Allergy Choices are dedicated to advancing the science of Sublingual Immunotherapy, an increasingly popular form of allergy treatment (often taken as drops on the tongue) which over time can reduce a patient's sensitivity to allergens. Their website offers comprehensive information for both patients and physicians on the treatment, as well as how to find a doctor in your area with the relevant training. There's also a testimonial section on their website, with patients offering their take on the benefits of sublingual immunotherapy, and how it's changed their lives.

7. Houston Allergy and Asthma Clinic

The Houston Allergy and Asthma Clinic website has all the details on their staff and services, alongside an information rich article section. Like a blog, they report on all the latest allergy/asthma related news, study findings, tips and advice, and product focuses.

Updated daily, Allergy Notes is a news board maintained by board-certified allergists and assistant professors. Their articles and news topics vary across a number allergy-related conditions, with particular attention to asthma. With a focus on study findings, this makes for interesting and highly educational reading for both medical professionals and sufferers of allergies.

9. Allergy Partners of Chicago

With 36 practices over 16 states, the Allergy Partners are the largest Allergy, Asthma & Immunology practice in America. The Chicago branch offers a fantastic blog on their website with posts by medical professionals; reflecting the collective knowledge and expertise the Allergy Partners share.

Asthma UK is certainly a worthy charity. With three people dying everyday in the UK from asthma, their aim is to not only help those suffering with the condition, but to ultimately help find a cure buy medicine online as well. Their website includes all the latest information on their fundraising events, an up-to-date news section reporting on everything and anything asthma related, plenty of well written guides catering to both long-time sufferers and newly diagnosed people alike, and a blog - which hosts personal stories, experiences and asthma-related features, by many different buy medicine online writers.

11. Asthma & Allergy Care

Headed by Dr. Dalan, of the Asthma & Allergy Care Center in North Dakota, this website not only provides details on the clinic itself, but is also a rich resource for asthma and allergy related information. With comprehensive write-ups on indoor air pollution, guides on seasonal allergies, there is plenty here to learn from the experts themselves.

12. Asthma Allergies Children was launched in conjunction with the publication of Asthma Allergies Children: a parents guide. The authors, pediatric allergists Dr. Paul Ehrlich and Dr. Larry Chiaramonte, along with Henry Ehrlich, recognized that "medicine moves faster than print" so to keep up with developments in the broad spectrum of allergic diseases, they created this site. It includes regular blogs by the authors and by a blue-chip roster of doctors and scientists from around the world, as well as news about allergies and new science. A collection of 89 of these pieces has just been published as an ebook.

Written for by a team of specialists, their tagline 'Asthma, how to cope with it, and live normally' sums up in a nutshell what this blog is all about. With frequent up-to-date postings on all the latest asthma related news and study findings, to guides on living with the condition, Asthma Blog makes for informative reading.

Documenting the goings on in her busy life, the bubbly and self-named Asthma Girl also details her struggles and successes as someone suffering with 'bitchy lungs'. Having developed her asthma during adulthood, the 'Asthma Blows' section of her blog delivers honest and candid accounts of how her asthma is effecting her life and what the experiences teach her. As a whole this blog makes for enjoyable and relatable reading, especially for anyone suffering with an adult onset of asthma.

Asthmapolis are the inventors of the innovative 'Spiroscout', a device that can be attached to an asthma inhaler. Using mobile applications and GPS technology, data is collected whenever the inhaler is used and is automatically sent to a database. This information is then used to assist healthcare professionals in identifying high risk areas and environmental factors that cause asthma attacks, in turn giving them a better understanding of the condition. Asthmapolis's ultimate aim is to help improve the management of asthma for both patients and healthcare professionals, with their fantastic technology. Their website is rich with information on their products and services, and also includes a blog. The blog itself shares their findings and keeps asthma sufferers and healthcare professionals up to date with the world of Asthmapolis.

Shane, webmaster and author of asthmasymptoms86, has been living with asthma since childhood. His website is a rich resource of information, guides and tips on living with the condition, and also offers his take on all things asthma via his personal blog. His down-to-earth approach makes for accessible reading, with fantastic guides on home remedies, natural treatments and yoga exercises.

17. Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic

The Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic's website has all the information on their centres and medical staff, as well as a fantastic news section and blog. The blog itself is written by their own team of allergists, offering their professional opinions alongside relevant news items, and their own allergy related bloggings. A very interesting blog, from a trusted and professional source.

A former respiratory therapist and asthma suffer himself, Breathin' Stephen's inspirational website documents both his struggles and victories whilst living with severe asthma, or 'trashed lungs' as he describes them. A resident of San Francisco, his website promotes fitness and exercise in defiance of asthma and is very much Stephen's platform to advise, educate, and inspire - and as both a sufferer and a former therapist, his words certainly count.

19. Allergy and Asthma Specialists of Jacksonville

A North Florida Allergy & Asthma service with (with four offices in the area), their website is maintained by the group of highly experienced specialists themselves. Primarily a website detailing their services; they also have a comprehensive 'Patient Education' section on their website which is both highly informative and easy to read.

20. Dr. Neil Kao ("The Allergy Dude") Allergy and Asthma Website

This award winning blog by certified allergist Dr Neil Kao, gives his expert opinions and advice on a range of allergy related illnesses, not just asthma. Covering anything from food allergies and eczema, to respiratory conditions; his blog shares information on all his findings when it comes to improving the quality of life of sufferers.

Primarily a website for children living with asthma, Lungtropolis was designed for parents and children to visit together. The website has two distinct sections; an informative section complete with guides for the parents, and a fun and educational section for kids. The children's section it the main gem of this website, offering a vibrantly animated and voice acted flash game. Kids get to sign up as an 'Asthma Control Agent' protecting the city of Lungtropolis (aka the city of easy breathing) from the nasty mucus mob, in a fun and educational adventure. If you have young children with asthma, this website is a must visit!

22. Respiratory Therapy Cave

Rick Frea is a husband, father of four and respiratory therapist. His blog is something of a breath of fresh air when it comes to all things lung-related, his goal being to educate and advise people about respiratory problems 'with a blend of wit and wisdom' - and he does just that. Himself asthmatic, he offers both a professional and empathetic viewpoint with his blog; which covers everything from writings on respiratory conditions, general humorous musings, to his interesting (and often funny) experiences as a medical professional. He also has a fantastic section on his blog dedicated entirely to asthma, with an absolute treasure trove of useful links approved by him as both a professional, and as a person with the condition.

The Salt Cave is a chain of clinics across the United Kingdom, offering a natural therapy for respiratory conditions ranging from asthma to sinusitis. NHS approved, the salt 'caves' themselves are carefully monitored relaxation environments, where the microclimate of a natural salt cave is emulated. Patients do little more than sit comfortably and breathe normally, whilst negatively ionised salt particles enter their respiratory system benefitting their respiratory health, and bettering their quality of life. Their website offers comprehensive information about their services, branches, pricing, and the benefits of natural salt therapy.

Talk Asthma is a fantastic website with plenty on offer. Its aim is to inform, guide and encourage sufferers to share their experience and knowledge amongst each other via the Talk Asthma forums. As well as a friendly and supportive community, the website also boasts a wealth of written features; including information on all the latest asthma treatments, medications and products.

25. The Allergy & Asthma Clinic

Located in San Francisco, The Allergy & Asthma Clinic website provides all the details on their specialist clinic, along with an informative 'Video Education & News' section. In here you'll find their latest news letters, all crammed with guides and advice straight from the experts. Also on this page is a small, but worthwhile collection of videos. Furthermore their site includes a 'Allergy Conditions & Medications' section, where you'll find professionally gathered information on numerous conditions, including a page on asthma.

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